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We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

Design – Testing – Rollout – Monitor – Backup – Measure – Improvement

System Consultation & Design

System Consultation & Design



Implementation / Rollout


System Consultation & Design

System Consultation

Start with an assessment on business need, define the end goal to achive

Exmine existing technology use and deployed in order to provide insights toward any performance enhancement

Importance of business continuity, impact due to system failure, cost vs performance – these are continuose majot concern to any business owner

System & Network Design

The design parameter must based on Best practice model used in the given industry sector of our client

Strategy & Planning

Specific intermediate and long term goal must first define with measurable to formulate our design goal, thus Strategy & Planning to follow with KPI as part of deliverables

Industry Specific Experience

– Dental/Medical Surgery.
– Legal Practice.
– Accountancy Practice.
– Commercial / Residential IoT project.
– AWS / Google / Microsoft Cloud project.
– Systems upgrade / Migration / Virtualization.

IT Engineering support

Why after hour IT support for your business?

We understand importance of business hour, we tailor schedule backup/maintenance windows outside of business hour, vigorously avoid any system change during business hour – aims to ensure business uptime

Experience Innovate & Reliable

Our Group of seasoned IT professional/developer were dedicated on after hour support, our experience covered consult/design/testing/roll-out/maintain.

Tailored solution and Specialise in:

– Dental/Medical Surgery.
– Legal Practice.
– Accountancy Practice.
– Commercial / Residential IoT project.
– AWS / Google / Microsoft Cloud project.
– Eductation Systems.

Telephone / Remote support

– Access to our pool of specialist engineer
– Contract with SLA
– Hot spare / Hardware replacement

IT Engineering support

IT Engineering support

After hour System Maintenance

Remote Monitoring

Remote Technical Support

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Access Control

Security Audit

Firewall implementation

Testing & Scanning

Cyber Security

What need to be protected?

Tangible assets – are physical item to be protected by physical means, such as lock / safe / vault / ,… secured housing and storage

In-Tangible assets – Goodwill / Patents & Trademark / Brand & Reputation / ,.. Customer Data

Tangible assets

– Active-Active and Active-Standby of physical server / pc or key instruments / devices in daily activities for work
– Biometric access
– Data encryption
– Off site backup

In-Tangible assets

Protection of DATA

– Firewall / Access List
– Antivirus / Antispam
– Data encryption
– Off site backup

Network & Wifi

– Access List
– Authentication
– Data encryption
– Man in the middle / Hi-jack

Data Backup and Recovery

Managed System Backup/Recovery services

Range from In-house to cloud base Backup/Recovery systems

Our solution emphasis on Disaster Recovery

We run half-yearly recovery drill to ensure the system works as designed

Design to meet your business needs

Tailor PC/Server backup system base on discovery consultation to deliverables

Off site backup

For the pupose of disaster recovery

Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery

Tailored PC/Server backup and recovery service

Emphasis on Disaster Recovery

Scheduled recovery drill

IoT - Internet of Things

IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IOT)

Design / Testing / Implementation

Lighting / Appliances / Security

Apps & Documentation

IoT – Internet of Things

What are Internet of Things?

Basically it mean any system or devices that are accessible to / from the Internet

Residential and Commercial

Lighting / Appliances / Security / Sound Systems

Public Utilities

Mettering / Scientific data acquisition / Big Data collection / Weather systems / Temperature sensor,…

Automated Work flow

Automatic decision process or action were trigger upon IoT data or signal

Example 1: IoT detect authorised entry to a home or office will trigger other IoT devices like turning certain lighting on with music to start in welcoming mood and setting

Example 2: IoT detect un-authorised entry to a home or office will trigger other IoT devices like sound an alarm, track the intruder with camera, call security, call your mobile phone, …. Deadlock ALL exit, fire a weapons

Cloud Services

Server Hosting

We partner with Tier 1 provider in provision of Infrastructure / Web / Email / Application hosting services

Hosted PABX

Hosted PABX in the Cloud: is a virtual PABX solution with highly competitive line rental & call rate to facilitate ALL modern PABX function that meet most business requirement; function such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice-mail, call route/divert, auto-attendant,… thus to ensure not to miss those important calls

Support Cloud Provider

AWS / Google / Microsoft

In-House Cloud base services

– In-house IP Telephony
– Virtual Machine
– Access Control / Remote Access

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Server Hosting

IP Telephony

Google / AWS / Microsoft

Cloud Implementation

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